Alison Ackerman lost 10.7 pounds and 7.75 inches!

Alison had known she was a sugar addict for years. When presented with the opportunity to have a cookie or candy, “I would want to say no but always said yes.” Thankfully, running counteracted Alison’s sweet tooth — until she hit 40 and went to nursing school. It got worse when she started to work night shift. Over the next few years, Alison got into a vicious cycle of eating and not exercising and gained 30 pounds.

Since completing the Sugar Smart Express 21-day program, Alison has lost weight and felt better. “Nothing feels as good as fitting your 43-year-old butt into skinny jeans,” she says. And other benefits were equally motivating. “I haven’t gone this long without a headache, ever,” says Alison, who used to get two or three headaches a week. Her digestive system also likes her new way of eating, as she no longer takes medications for reflux. “I feel 10 years younger!” And it’s noticeable. “People are asking what my secret is!”

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The people featured on this site were highly successful in losing weight following the program described in Sugar Smart Express. Although no one can guarantee results, multiple medical and university studies have shown the link between foods and their ability to alleviate various conditions and diseases. A typical person who follows the plan described in Sugar Smart Express should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of up to 7 pounds and 7 inches in just 21 days.