Anne Alexander, author of Sugar Smart Express,
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Break free from secret sugar. Drop up to 15 lbs—fast!Break free from secret sugar. Drop up to 15 lbs—fast!
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Discover how to
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Hidden sugar is not in the brownies, ice cream, or sweets you crave. It’s lurking in the foods you thought were good for you, such as salad dressing, yogurt, and even pasta sauce!

Sugar Smart Express shows you how to find all that pointless hidden sugar and cut it out without even missing it. You can lose pounds and inches — and you’ll feel fantastic!

Sugar Smart Express
Sweet Success!
Allison Ackerman lost 10.7 pounds and 7.75 inches! Click here to read Allison's story. Allison Ackerman lost 10.7 pounds and 7.75 inches! Click here to read Allison's story.Michelle Davies lost 11 pounds and 6.75 inches! Click here to read Michelle's story.

The people featured on this site were highly successful in losing weight following the program described in Sugar Smart Express. Although no one can guarantee results, multiple medical and university studies have shown the link between foods and their ability to alleviate various conditions and diseases. A typical person who follows the plan described in Sugar Smart Express should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of up to 7 pounds and 7 inches in just 21 days.

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Real Prevention readers tried the Sugar Smart Express 21-day program and dropped an average of 7 pounds and 7 inches in just 21 days! Plus, there were major health benefits: Glucose and cholesterol levels dropped dramatically, too.

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Eliminate hidden sugar and feel fantastic again.

The average American swallows a whopping 22 teaspoons a day of added sugars! That’s an extra 228,000 calories, or over 36 pounds of body fat! And much of it is hiding in “healthy” foods that don’t even taste sweet!

By making simple product swaps for delicious foods with less sugar, you can whittle your belly fat away in just 21 days. Sugar Smart Express can show you how!

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